Bur dubai fireworks diwali 2014

Diwali 2014 – Fireworks and Lights in Bur Dubai

The Indian community living in Dubai specially in Bur Dubai have united together and come up with really awesome Diwali celebrations in bur dubai. Most of the buildings are lit with jaw dropping flashing lights and oil lamps. in-dubai.com wishes everyone a happy diwlai 2014 to everyone living in Dubai and across UAE.

Also, we have got few videos of Diwali celebrations in Dubai.



Dubai growth from 1980 to 2012

Dubai’s expansion since the 1980’s to 2012 via Google Earth Engine

This will blow your mind, thanks to Google Earth Engine -a big data geographic tool that keeps track of geographic changes over the period of time has recently published the data for development in Dubai over the last 3 decades. The RESULTS ARE MIND BLOWING. Incredibile developments such as Palm Jumeirah / Palm Deira to […]

Burnout Dubai

BURNOUT @ JUMEIRAH – Mercedes & lexus & Patrol burning out on the road

if you have been living in Dubai for more then few years then you know what we are talking about. One of the Youtube user captured some cars spinning their wheels and raising smoke till the tyre burns out. Love it or Hate it, its an eye orgasm for drifters and peelers.