Traffic JAM as it starts raining MONEY

Traffic JAM as it starts raining MONEY

UPDATE : This is kuwait and not Dubai, Dailymail needs to correct its factual data… grr. DailyMail should apologize for this

Emirates247 Article:

Though this information is not confirmed yet from local news such as of Gulf news and Emirates247  but dailymail posted a video today stating about 2.8 million AED (half a million GBP) was flying around the streets in Dubai. Backed by strong wind, the money reached on many corners including roads (as per the video) causing the traffic to halt. Have a look guys and do provide us with more details such as pictures or videos if you got any.

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SandStorm in Gulf

SANDSTORM in Dubai is bad, don’t believe it then check out these VIDEOS

Sandstorm that started since Friday morning is going to last for another couple of days and authorities in UAE have told residents to ignore Water related activides due to increase in tide level as well as be careful while driving. Pictures Videos Video 1: Video 2: Sandstorm can be this bad!!!

Dubai Marina Fire in Marina Tourch

FIRE in Dubai Marina Building [Pictures + Videos]

To all the readers, we want to inform you that one of the residential complexes “Marina Torch” has caught fire, the reason is still uknown but some of our fans over facebook already have started sharing pictures and videos which we will share here. Guys, stay safe and let authorities do their job. Dubai […]

icc world cup indiaVspakistan

[Cricket World Cup 2015] Where to watch Pakistan Vs India match in Dubai

Only two days remaining for one of the most awaited world cup cricket match between Pakistan and India. Both teams look strong and quite competent to defeat the opposites. The match will start at 7:30 am Sunday morning so likelihood of watching a match with your friends will be difficult. However, there are couple of […]