Canon EOS 60D Dubai

Canon EOS 60D Dubai60D is one of latest entry level DSLR camera by Canon as addition to Canon EOS series. Canon EOS 60D was launched in later 2010 in Dubai / UAE.  The camera is considered to be successor of Canon EOS 50D. Canon EOS 60D gained quick popularity in Dubai and UAE consumer market as it being the first camera with increased resolution , ISO range and articulating screen. Some of the features of EOS 60D available in Dubai are

  1. Camera Resolution: 18.1 megapixels (5,184 × 3,456 pixels image can be captured)
  2. Weight: 755 grams
  3. ISO: 100 – 6400
  4. Lens: interchangeable
  5. Articulating screen (rotatable LCD on pivot point, allowing it to turn round)
  6. HD Video Recording option available

Prices for Canon EOS 60D:

Canon EOS 60D Dubai

As per the rough estimate calculated in mid October 2011 (before Gitex Shoppers 2011) the price for Canon EOS 60D in Dubai / UAE market is approx 4,900 AED to  5, 400 AED deepening upon the accessories that it comes along with such as lens, tripod, camera bag and vice versa.

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