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Nokia 7 Plus (7.1) – Dubai Review

Saturday, January 5th, 2019

If you are looking for a budget phone than look no further. Nokia 7.1 has all the features you need in a phone. Yes it is not an iphone and neither will have fancy swipe and brightness you get from iphone but it is a very decent phone knowing the fact that it has all the latest hardware including the new snapdragon CPU. With the hardware it has – other phones / brands carrying the same hardware will going to cost fortune.

I reckon HMD has done an amazing job on the hardware, software and screen quality. It is only 900 AED and its certainly a bang for a buck.


Battery Life: 2 Full days on the internet. The battery size is 3800 mAh – what else you want aye ?

OS: This is the best part of the system – it has android one which essentially means the hardware is google certified and unlike Samsung android phones any update on Adroid platform quickly comes for this phone same day.

Current os: Android 9 Pie

Camera: 16 MP front camera with ZEISS optics  and Ultra-sensitive 12 MP main rear camera



Storage: 64 Gigs plus a slot for sd card







This new video of imagine dragons was shot in dubai… and its awesome

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

The new video of a popular band Imagine dragons “Thunder” was shot in Dubai and majority of that part was in D3. Let us know what do you think of the video and we are also sharing the making of the video to get the glimpse of Joseph khan (famous music director, in case you don’t know him then he is the one who directed Without me by Eminem… ring any bells haha)



The making of the video featuring josph khan with imagine dragons in Dubai.




Super Awesome Sport Car Meetup

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

So Mo logs are back and this time another car meetup and another range of uber awesome sports car. Check ‘ em out.



Migrating from Dubai To Australia

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

So you have been living in Dubai for lets say 5 years and when you login to local bank online banking you have 0 savings, thats the time you decide hmmm i need to do something about my finances. The moment this thing will kick in then you will get to know that it is almost impossible for one to save money. Dubai life is one of the best indeed, i mean who can say no to 300 Dhs brunches, ladies night escorts mingling, dune bashing and desert camping. But when it comes to saving one decides to move away from un-realistic life and then think to move somewhere else – either back home country or immigrate to a new country specially if you are from South East Asia countries. Now there are very limited options you can choose to move to, these are

  1. Australia
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. New Zealand

This article assumes that you had applied for Australia and will be immigrating from Dubai to Australia.

Migrating from Dubai to Australia – Checklist

There are plenty of things that you need to do before you leave UAE, these are mentioned below ( i did the same and it works out quite well to be honest)

  1. Cancel your depended visa first before you submit for your own visa cancellation with company
  2. Close your credit card and bank account (if its a local bank). Make sure that you take some sort of proof stating that you do not own anything to the bank.
  3. If you have a car then make sure to sell this thing as fast as possible. If your car is on loan then ideally complete the loan and get the new Pataka aka Vehicle license that will ensure that the car is on your name, this will make the selling of the car very hassle free
  4. Check with Australian airport about  what is the maximum amount that you can carry as cash without declaring? As of now it is 10,000 AUD per person but its worth checking the Australian immigration and borders control website
  5. If applicable then buy USD and have an savers account with international bank
  6. You ideally need to rent the motel / hotel room for at least couple of weeks before you find a decent place to live in Australia. I recommend using website @ this link [opens in new tab]
  7. Lastly, you need to find good airlines that at least offers the below
    1. Good seats as the journey will be long
    2. Less stayovers and their respective time duration
    3. The amount of baggage that you can travel with (handcarry + baggage).
    4. Decent representation @ both airports i.e: Dubai and city airport where you are travelling in

For the airlines, i recommend to book the tickets in advance at least 4 weeks back and based on my research i recommend Qatar Airways  as they are the best carriers if you are moving to Australia. They mostly have really good offers and you can carry 30KG baggage with addition of 7KG as hand carry which is really cool. PS: they have only one stopover @ Doha airport for a very less duration. If you book the ticket from the air compare engines then you might end paying a lot so i suggest check their website to get the best rates guaranteed. Here is the link that list out special offers on homepage (mostly for Australia)

Rain in UAE – Video Compilation and Pictures

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Yesterday (9th March 2016), UAE experienced one of the worst rainstorms in history. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure were heavily affected by massive rains.

Here are the list of videos that recorded the panic caused due to the rains.


Dubai and Abu Dhabi Rains 2016 Pictures

Burj Khalifa Rains 2016 JebelAli



Traffic due to Rains 2016