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Forex training in Dubai

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

forex courses training in DubaiIt is necessary to get knowledge on how to do currency trading in Forex market in order to avoid big loss initially. There are very few institutes that operate Forex Training centers in Dubai / UAE however there are plenty courses available online that can provide foundation, intermediate or expert level training based on the needs of the individuals. Also keep in mind, most of the training centers in Dubai providing Forex education / training are very expensive and charge on per class / per hour basis.

Some of the famous and notable Forex training centers (offering trading Forex courses) in Dubai / UAE are as follows

  1. Trading Academy in Knowledge Village Block 2B
  2. Fx Money Map (more…)

Online Forex currency trading in Dubai

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Online Forex currency trading in Dubai and UAEOne of the most adopted business either primary or secondary in Middle East most predominantly in Dubai is the online Forex currency trading. Anyone with sufficient funds can start currency trading however it is preferred that he / she starts with small value ranging from 1000 AED to 4000 AED and slowly starts investing with increase in knowledge and experice with respect to online forex currency trade market.  There are institutions as well that provide the basic knowledge and certification to learn foreign currency trading in Dubai, most of them are located in K.V (knowledge village) and DIFC (Dubai international financial center).

The basic thing to keep in mind before stepping into online forex currency trading within Dubai / UAE is

  1. Know the difference between other business markets (such as stock and oil) and Forex market as its completely different and runs / operates in a different eco system
  2. If you are stepping into Forex market independence of broker then there is no such thing as commissions. During online Forex currency trading, FX companies go for bid-ask spread.
  3. After paying some certain fees, everything goes into your account. Individual can make direct profit and loss in FX currency market in Dubai (more…)

forex brokers in dubai

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Forex FX Brokers in DubaiMentioned in earlier posts under Business section that investing into a Forex market requires considerable amount of study about how it works, best practices and “when to do what” is the most important thing to consider. Dubai is a fast economy, if you have a saving and wants to invest in market but does not have knowledge or Time to do so then Forex Brokers comes into the picture that will lead you and do the transactions on your behalf after your approval. In some cases Forex Brokers also provide certain level of advisory which helps the FX / Forex investor to make ideas. In Dubai and most of the regions in UAE Forex brokers mostly operate as companies however some can be available as free lancer as well.

Keeping above in perspective, there are some points that needs to be consider / should be aware of before putting yourself in contact with Forex brokers in Dubai. These are

  1. Do they provide trade platform: Some banks and major financial data providing companies provide you with the software itself easy enough to do analyzing and doing a trade yourself.
  2. Laws and Regulations on which the Forex company has been registered, before reaching any sort of contracts it’s highly advised to look for their previous / historical performances and under what claws the company binds under Dubai / UAE law with respect to Financial advisory.
  3. Base Value: Most of the Forex brokers in Dubai / UAE require minimum deposit, this amount is completely dependent upon the FX investor. (more…)

Online Forex Rates Dubai

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

online fx rates uaeIf you are related to Forex Market and FX Trade then the best thing is to get hold of the Forex rates in worldwide market. While in most of the case if you are doing Forex buying / selling business then it’s highly recommended to take feed from Dubai / UAE based financial data providing company. The company may not necessary should be based in Dubai or UAE but having a platform that tells the latest money rate and gold rate and what’s happening in the Forex world and in normal political world that might affect online trading is the most possible good solution however there are websites which provide Online Forex Rates for Dubai and worldwide currencies either free or on paid basis.

The online Forex rate websites are as follows

  1. – One of the most popular website providing information about FX market and FX currency rates on real-time basis.
  2. – Very old fashioned but works in almost all browsers especcialy in old browsers such as internet explorer 5.5, IE 6 and vice versa. (more…)

Forex Trading in Dubai

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Before we jump into more about Forex trading specifically in Dubai it is necessary to give you a brief knowledge about Forex Trading Basics and what is Forex Trading and how much you can earn Forex trading Dubai.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading in DubaiForex or in short FX stands for foreign exchange market. As the name says it’s the virtual market where one can buy and sell other world currencies on paper and gets profit / loss accordingly. Some of the famous currencies that are used by FX traders are Japanese Yen, Dollar and Euro as these currencies fluctuate as per the market conditions. Anyone can start doing FX trading however it is for sure that he will face some bad times before he start earning good or enough money to pay his DEWA and House bills. (more…)