Cirque Du Soir Club Dubai

Cirque Du Soir Dubai is the new night events taking place @ 400 club Dubai Fairmont Hotel Dubai. The Cirque Du Soir was launched in Dubai on 15th November with a guest list entrance only. The Cirque nights origin from London and is famous for crazy wild parties where crew entertains the audience

with their real wild trained snakes, clowns, hot bartenders and so many other cirque crew.

Cirque Du Soir Dubai

The Cirque Du Soir Dubai is introduced by Pragma group who are behind legendary elite class Cavali club in Dubai. Some of the basic points for cirque nights are as follows

  1. Venue: Club 400 @ The Fairmont Hotel SH.Zayed road
  2. Entry: Only Guest list and reservation (To be confirmed)
  3. Open on : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  4. Time: 10:00 pm to 3:00 am
  5. Reservations:
  6. More info – please visit Cirque Du Soir Dubai website or official dubai website

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  1. HI, Please can you amend you post re: Cirque Du Soir and remove the reference to The400 Nightclub? This in correct – location should refer to the Fairmont Hotel Dubai only.

    PR Manager, Pragma Group

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