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Google Nexus S Dubai UAENexus S is the smartphone running on Android operating System. Google Nexus S is also known as Samsung i9020 which was its old name but later changed to Google Nexus only. Nexus S was released on Q4 2010 in worldwide and was made available in Q2 2011 (Date require citation) in UAE / Dubai market.  Though this device could not get much popular in UAE consumer market compared to iphone and blackberry but yet one of the favorites who love developing and using Google apps and devices. One of the primary features is its 4 inch screen enabling user to browse the rich multimedia and internet content in easy, friendly and fast way thanks to its blazing integrated chipset Hummingbird with 1 GHz processor.

Some of the specs and features for Samsung Google Nexus available in Dubai and UAE are as follows

  1. Weight: approx 124 grams
  2. Display: 4.0 inch with 480 x 800 pixels resolution
  3. Operating System: Android 2.3 – Gingerbread
  4. Processor: 1 GHz
  5. Camera: Back camera is 5 megapixel while front is regula VGA camera used for video chat
  6. GPS, HTML and Adobe Flash supported
  7. Data Connectivity: 3G / 3.5 G, GPRS / EDGE and WLAN
  8. Model / Alias: i9020

Google Nexus S Price in Dubai and UAE: approx 1350 AED to approx 1500 AED (the price was measured on December 2011 and might change with time and availability, however if you have the latest price info then please feel free to comment and we will update our article accordingly)

Google Nexus S Price in Dubai UAE

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