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Buy Halloween Costume DubaiWell now that everyone knows which party he / she will be going, either it’s a friends private Halloween costume party or its awesome Halloween nights are Nasimi or Chi, the major question comes in how do I stand out in crowd with my costume and even if one has an idea on what to wear on Halloween yet it’s really difficult to find and purchase Halloween costumes in Dubai (or any such event).

Before, we move on to list what outlets and website deal in Halloween costume, here are some ideas for Halloween.

  1. Halloween Costume from  Harry potter movie – best will be Lord Voldemort, harry potter, Hermione
  2. Hell Raiser movie costumes
  3. Star War Theme
  4. Pirate
  5. Freddy
  6. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th )
  7. X-men costume
  8. Ape / gorilla
  9. Mortal Combat / Tekken  Costume
  10. Police offer men and women – couple costume
  11. Mummy Costume (mostly for couple)
  12. Hulk Costume
  13. Vampire Costume / Teeth
  14. Mascot (comes under funny Halloween costume), as of 2011 angry bird costume is mostly preferred

Where to buy Halloween Costume Dubai:

Some of the outlets located within Dubai and websites (guaranteed time on delivery) are as follows

Scary Costume Halloween for sale in dubai

  1. Mr.Ben Costume Shop located in Al Diyafa road near Jumeirah (Al Ghazal Centre)
  2. Arabian Ranches local community super market
  3. Spinney’s and Park n Shop (not confirmed) in Mirdiff and Jumeirah
  4. Party shop located in Mirdiff, and Garhoud
  5. Sweet Surprises in Al Barsha (near Lulu centre)
  6. Halloween Costumes.com (similar to Amazon but well known for being number 1 in Halloween costumes for past few years, I have order mine of hell raiser and delivery does come within week or so)

2014 Halloween Recommendations by in-dubai.com (based on shipment ratings of merchants that deliver to UAE on time)

Avengers Replica Thor Costume

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  1. There is a great place in Beach Center in Jumeirah on the ground floor. By far the largest collection of costumes in Dubai. disguisedubai (dot) com

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