Halloween Dubai

What is Halloween?

HalloweenHalloween is event / festival which takes place 31st of October in most of the countries around the globe. Some countries provide the holiday on 31st October for celebrating Halloween event. Some of the activities that take place during Halloween are

  1. Trick-or-treating
  2. Organizing and attending costume parties
  3. Making / carving Jack-o-lantern / ignis fatuus (carved pumpkin)
  4. Playing Halloween games like Apple bobbing in which person needs to catch apples on a floating water with their teeth without the use of hands which in some cases are tied behind, playing pranks
  5. Visiting Haunted places (in Dubai and UAE there are plenty of them)
  6. Watching horror flicks and telling scary stories out in a dark environment (mostly forest)

History of Halloween

As per most of people Halloween history and origin comes from Roman festival Pomona (goddess of fruits and seeds) and another festival called “Festival of Dead” also known as Parentalia. However the name “Halloween” originates from Scotland dating back to 16th century.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween in Dubai

In order to enjoy Halloween one can host a Halloween costume party in home either participate in any Halloween party happening in the neighborhood or in nightclubs / hotels. One can visit haunted places along with his friends. Always remember more friends more fun in visiting haunted places. During the trip one can campfire and tell horror / spooky stories as well. If staying in Dubai and Visiting horror sites or camping out is the choice then most preferable places to visit are Umm Al Quain and RAK haunted village. The name of haunted spot in UAE which is very famous for being haunted is Jazirat al-Hamra in RAK which is also known as haunted village of UAE.

Halloween Decorations

Some of the things that can be used during Halloween parties as decoration items are

  1. Halloween CD music collection
  2. Creepy Cloth at the front door
  3. Skull Mugz
  4. Fake Bloody weapons such as big Jason’s knife
  5. Glitter Candelabra Centerpiece
  6. Hanging Skeletons Wall

Halloween Dubai Cocktails

Halloween Dubai cocktailsNormally the cocktails served in most parties in Dubai are non-alcholic but as per Scottish traditions some of the famous cocktails are Bayou Slime, Black Martini, Bloody Rum Punch and most famous Dracula’s Kiss.

Halloween Dubai Food Recipes

There are so many dishes that can be served on the occasion of Halloween such as Halloween Cupcakes and Halloween Treats.

Halloween Dubai Haunted House

Some of the places in UAE and Dubai that can be visited but not recommended 🙂 are

  1. Um Al Duwais
  2. Jazirat al-Hamra

haunted places in dubai and uae

You can purchase Halloween costumes in UAE and Dubai online as well by visiting below.

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Halloween Dubai

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