HTC One X – reviews and price in Dubai / UAE

HTC One X – Price in Dubai / UAEOne of the latest smartphone introduced by HTC is HTC ONE X. The smartphone comes with blazing processing speed and optimized to work with latest technologies and standards. Some of the most  famous features is its optimized web browser supporting latest web html 5 technologies.  The camera captures both still and video in a very high quality. It is one the first quad core processor smartphone. The one x was introduced in Dubai / UAE market in early april 2012, being the latest phone now we are getting a handful reviews from Dubai based consumes and they seem very  satisfied in what they have in their hand (ONE X). Some of the features for one x now available in Dubai and UAE are as follows

  1. Processor: Quad core 1.5 GHz
  2. Display Screen: 4.7 inches with native resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels
  3. RAM: 1 GB in built
  4. Storage memory: Basic  / Default is 32 GB
  5. Camera: Front camera and main camera @ the back with 8 Megapixel power
  6. HD Video recording option available
  7. Rich authentic sound powered by Beats Audio
  8. Piano –gloss  sidewalls curved back
  9. Operating system: Android 4.0 OS (also called ice cream sandwich )
  10. Youtube Video : HTC one X in Dubai / UAE info

HTC One X Price in Dubai / UAE:

The current price for HTC One X available in Dubai and UAE : approx 2450 AED to 2700 AED (updated in April 2012)

HTC One X – Price in Dubai  UAE

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  1. HTC One X – Exceptional performance comes standard,Amazing camera, Authentic sound, Minimalist design such specification will pose more impact on HTC

  2. Hi i have being trying to find a way of purchasing a HTC one X from Dubai and get it send to me to Nigeria, i hope you will assist me in that regard. Thank you.

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