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Kinokuniya DubaiBooks, Books and more books, have you ever been surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of books that simply by smelling the air could make you forget all worries of your busy life? Have you ever wanted to witness greatness and their workings?

With the gargantuan 68,000 square feet outlet, Book World by Kinokuniya is definitely bound to be the paradise all book lovers seek for. Located at Dubai Mall, Book World was officially open for business in late November 2008.

The massive outlet has two stories displaying more than half a million of literature which are published all over the world, including those hard to find coveted editions or your favorite novels. The worth of the wide collection offered could not be put into worlds. Their assortment of graphic novels, comics and Manga is the largest in the UAE offering everything from in demand precious masterpieces to locally published comics. They also offer hundreds of popular magazines of different languages including English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Kinokuniya Dubai is located in Dubai MallBook World’s offering to the public is not restricted to books and magazines; they provide their customers with great customer service with well-trained representatives to help with any queries and requests. Their extensive compilation of stationary, toys and board games is also an added attraction to the store.

Book World by Kinokuniya is a sanctuary for all those bookworms who are longing to grasp the latest releases and for anyone and everyone who just wants to be immersed by some of the greatest authors of our lifetime.

Location for Kinokuniya Dubai:

Level 2 No.024-038, The Dubai Mall, 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kinokuniya Dubai

Working Timings for Kinokuniya Dubai:

Mon – Wed:    10:00 am    –    10:00 pm
Thu – Sat:    10:00 am    –    12:00 am
Sun:    10:00 am    –    10:00 pm

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