Dubai Movies Cinema 2015

New Movies Releasing this weekend, Thursday 17th February 2022

#1: Uncharted

Plot: The story is a prequel to the games, starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland, Tati Gabrielle

Genre: Adventure, Action

#2: Blacklight

Plot: Travis Block is a government operative coming to terms with his shadowy past. When he discovers a plot targeting U.S. citizens, Block finds himself in the crosshairs of the FBI director he once helped protect.

Cast: Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson

Genre: Action, Thriller

#3: Death on the Nile

Plot: While on vacation on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.

Cast: Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Kenneth Barnagh

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

#4: Archana 31 Not Out

Plot: A school teacher, who is 28 years old and in search of a suitable groom!. She has gone through 31 wedding proposals, but not a single one fell into place.

Cast: Aishwarya Lekshmi, Indrans ,, Hakkim Shah, Sruthy Suresh

Genre: Comedy

#5: Marry Me

Plot: Music superstars Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting married before a global audience of fans. But when Kat learns, seconds before her vows, that Bastian has been unfaithful, she decides to marry Charlie, a stranger in the crowd, instead.

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Utkarsh Ambudkar

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

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