Nokia 1616 in Dubai and UAE

Though one of the old phones by nokia yet nokia 1616 is a good choice if you are know that cellphones will be falling a lot from your hand or is always must have to take it with you while traveling. The mobile is cheap, powerful cover and most important the call voice quality is really well and picks up the signal strong where other devices fail to do so.

Nokia 1616 in dubai and UAE - Price and featuresNokia 1616 was available in Dubai and UAE in 2010 and got a slow but somewhat satisfactory responsive feedback.  Some of the features for Nokia 1616 are as follows

  1. Display : 128 X 160 pixels
  2. Memory: Max phone contacts limit only up to 500
  3. Internet connectivity and applications : None
  4. Weight: 75.8 grams

Nokia 1616 price in Dubai and UAE: Due to its price, it is considered as one of the cheap handsets available by Nokia. The price is approx  95 AED


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