Nokia Lumia 900 | Price and Features in Dubai UAE

Nokia Lumia 900 - Dubai and UAELumia 900 is yet to be launched phone (as of July 2012). The smartphone is developed by Nokia and runs on the Microsoft Windows phone operating system version 7.5. The device is considered to be successor of mid range sort of successful cellphone Nokia Lumia 800. The availability / launch date for Nokia Lumia 900 in Dubai / UAE is yet to be confirmed. However some of the features are as follows

  1. Polycarbonated body
  2. Built for better reception (internal signal strength booster)
  3. Good and clear voice call quality
  4. Browser: IE9 with HTML 5 support
  5. Display Screen: 4.3 inch
  6. Camera: 8 Megapixel
  7. Battery Life: 8 hours of talk time               (maximum 3G enabled talk time as of now)
  8. Pre installed applications include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email integration service.
  9. Operating System: Windows Mobile 7.5
  10. Maps: Bing maps (not that great when it comes to Dubai / UAE  maps)
  11. Nokia Maps : Amazing UAE and gulf / Asia maps
  12. Pre installed applications: one of the advantage of having this phone is the preinstalled MS office apps such as Word, Excel and powerpoint
  13. Navigation: GPS,A-GPS, Wifi positioning and technology called “Glonass”.

Price for Nokia Lumia 900: The price and cost for lumia 900 in dubai and UAE is appox 1200 AED AED 1900- AED 2400 (via CMED in comment section)

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