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Nurseries in DubaiNursery Search in Dubai: Do nursery schools offer the best childcare and whether or not your child needs it? The answer to the question depends on what would fit your kid and searching a decent nursery school for your child. If the child shows a positive attitude on the movement / gestures made by other children in the surroundings and gets happy whenever he/she is provided with the large variety of toys and other such child gaming activities then the answer to the question is a BIG YES. There are other benefits for nurseries as well such as full time care and the experience qualified staff that keeps them busy and teach them enough to be qualified for the pre-school life.

There are many nurseries in Dubai with decent reputations; however they are very expensive as well. Baby spaces (for infants) are insufficient than places for 2 to 4 year-olds, so start looking well ahead of the time and enroll into a waiting list if required. Most of the nurseries in Dubai provides enrichment programme for children aged 4 months to 4 or 5 years old. The breakdown structure of most of the nurseries in Dubai is

  1. Providing care to infants (4 weeks-15 months)
  2. Training to toddlers (15 months-3 years)
  3. Preschoolers (3 – 4 / 5  years)

Nurseries Fees in Dubai ranges from 5,000 AED to 60,000 AED per year.

List of Nurseries in Dubai:

The nursery schools list in Dubai are as follows, please email / comment in the same article in order to add / update the below list.

List of Nurseries in Dubai

  1. Dubai Gem Nursery                         +971-4-3453550
  2. Palms Nursery Dubai                      +971-4-3947017
  3. Little Wonders Dubai                      +971-4-3487195
  4. Hope Montessori Nursery            +971-4-3521587
  5. The Primary Nursery                      +971-4-2695828
  6. Al Diyafah Nursery                           +971-4-2671115
  7. Bright Morning Nursery                 +971-4-3946118
  8. Mother care Nursery Dubai          +971-4-3496955
  9. Al Salam Nursery                               +971-4-2679594
  10. Kids World Nursery Dubai             +971-4-4226867
  11. Dubai Infants School                        +971-4-3371463
  12. Kids Island Nursery                         +971-4-3942578
  13. Jebel Ali Nursery                              +971-4-4243791
  14. Marina Village Nursery                 +971-4-4243791
  15. Meadows Village Nursery             +971-4-4224222
  16. Polo Village Nursery                       +971-4-3689882
  17. Chubby Cheeks Nursery Dubai  +971-4-4356598
  18. Emerald City Nursery                     +971-4-3490848
  19. Yellow Brick Road Nursery            +971-4-2828290
  20. SuperKids Nursery Dubai               +971-4-2881949
  21. Crystal Valley Nursery                    +971-4-2845519
  22. Rising Stars Nursery                         +971-4-3488805
  23. Childs Play Nursery                         +971-4-3480788
  24. Small World Nursery                       +971-4-3490770
  25. Childrens Garden Dubai                 +971-4-8853484
  26. German kindergarten nursery   +971-4-4209790
  27. Jumeirah International Nursery +971-4-3499065
  28. Kensington Nursery                        +971-4-3944473
  29. Sandcastle Nursery                         +971-4-3444283
  30. Seashells Nursery                             +971-4-3413404
  31. Indigo Valley                                     +971-4-2633544
  32. Emirates British Nursery Mirdiff                                +971-4-2889222
  33. New Safa Nursery                            +971-4-3429575
  34. Safa Kindergarten                            +971-4-3443878
  35. Blossom Nursery                             +971-4-3486275
  36. Blossom Nursery Umm Suqeim                  +971-4-3948837
  37. Building Blocks DMS                        +971-4-4534363
  38. Inspire Childrens Nursery              +971-4-3955473
  39. Jebel Ali Village Nursery Healthcare City
  40. Emirates British Nursery                +971-4-3489996
  41. Jumeirah International Nursery                  +971-4-3945567
  42. Willow Children’s Nursery Dubai
  43. Little Land Nursery                          +971-4-3944471
  44. Knightsbridge Nursery                   +971-4-3481666
  45. Arabian Ranches Nursery              +971-4-4271476
  46. Dubai Marina Nursery                     +971-4-4271473
  47. Emirates Hills Nursery                    +971-4-4271461
  48. Lakes Garden Nursery                   +971-4-4271472
  49. Lakes Nursery Dubai                       +971-4-4271471
  50. Raffles Umm Suqeim                     +971-4-4271228
  51. London and Paris Nursery             +971-4-3480077
  52. Step By Step Nursery Dubai         +971-4-4473445
  53. Old Town Nursery Dubai                +971-4-4271453
  54. Childrens Garden Jumeirah          +971-4-3492985
  55. Childrens Oasis Dubai Marina      +971-4-3905100
  56. Childrens Oasis Emirates Lakes  +971-4-3905010
  57. Childrens Oasis Nursery                 +971-4-3488981
  58. Littlewoods Nursery                       +971-4-3946155
  59. Alphabet Street Nursery               +971-4-3485991
  60. Apple Nursery Dubai                      +971-4-3444441
  61. British Orchard Nursery                                  +971-4-3983536
  62. Cello Kids Club    +971-4-4489267
  63. Child Enrichment Centre Dubai
  64. Cocoon Nursery                               +971-4-3949394
  65. Deira Montessori Nursery             +971-4-2633236
  66. DEWA Nursery and Childcare       +971-4-3244444
  67. Dubai Customs Nursery and Daycare       +971-4-3455555
  68. Dubai Early Child Development Centre    +971-4-3260300
  69. First Steps Nursery Dubai              +971-4-3486301
  70. French Nursery Dubai                    +971-4-3496868
  71. Fun and Play Nursery                     +971-4-4376433
  72. Golden Nursery Dubai                   +971-4-2614457
  73. Happy Home Nursery                    +971-4-3961995
  74. Happy Kids Nursery                        +971-4-2731333
  75. I Kidz Nursery                                    +971-4-3447877
  76. Kangaroo Kids Nursery Burj Dubai             +971-4-4205250
  77. Kangaroo Kids Dubai                                       +971-4-3955518
  78. Kindergarten Nursery School       +971-4-3443878
  79. Kings Dubai Nursery        +971-4-3483939
  80. Ladybird Nursery Dubai                  +971-4-3441011
  81. Le Jardin Enchante Dubai               +971-4-3486788
  82. Little Nest Nursery Dubai              +971-4-3983311
  83. Little Princess Nursery    +971-4-2634666
  84. Little Scholars Academy Dubai     +971-4-3955532
  85. Little Star Nursery             +971-4-3982004
  86. My Nursery Dubai            +971-4-3441120
  87. Toddlers International Nursery  +971-4-3983111
  88. Umm Suqeim Nursery                   +971-4-3280066
  89. Wisdom International Nursery    +971-4-3446371
  90. World Nursery Dubai                      +971-4-2613025

Completed and updated list can be available over here.  For list of nurseries sorted by user feedback then visit this Nurseries in Dubai via edarabia

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  1. Greetings from Chubby Cheeks Nursery, Jebel Ali, Dubai!

    Thank you for listing us on your website. However we would like to advice that we have a new landline number. So please change the current number to our new number which is 04 4356598.

    Kindly make this change as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience to parents/customers and to avoid loss of business for our school. Please inform us by email when this change is made.

    Roshi Tandon
    Managing Director
    Chubby Cheeks Nursery

  2. Hi Roshi,

    I’m interested on the nursery. Are you able to tell me the location? as It’s not showed on the web site.

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  4. Dear In Dubai,
    Kindly tell us how to list our nursery to this website?
    Canadian Kids Nursery Telephone: 0097143650011.
    location: Churchill Towers, shop # 3,Business Bay, Dubai, Al Abraaj St.
    thank u.

  5. Hi Mr. Royston, how do we contact you for purchase of paints? There is no active phone number for HPK. Thank you.

  6. You can also reach all nurseries in Dubai on this page.
    Their fees, locations on map, contact information and a complete review of each nursery. Reviews of parents…

  7. Greetings from the Fun & Play Nursery (JBR)

    Thank you for listing us in the list.

    Kindly note that our phone number and email address has changed. Please if you could make the changes. The direct number to call is 052-8400911, and email is

    Thank you
    Have a great day

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