Samsung Dual SIM Phones in UAE and Dubai

Samsung Dual SIM Phones in UAE and DubaiWith rise in smartphone word concept of Dual SIM phones also increased. The beauty of Dual phones are it can have two active SIMs profile stored on the phone and user can easily switch between cellphone numbers and telephone operators. Example is for business people who want to have one SIM by Etisalat for their personal use and the other DU SIM for their business use, the perfect choice for him these days is to have Dual SIM phone instead of having two different phones.

Samsung is one of the good mobile phone brands in Middle East market when it comes to dual SIM phones. In UAE especially in Sharjah and Dubai – Tend to purchase Dual SIM phone (in short Duos) is really high. Some of the latest Samsung Dual SIM Phones in UAE and Dubai are as follows. Please use the search above in order to see details and reviews for each.

List of Samsung Dual SIM Phones in UAE:

Samsung Dual SIM Phones UAE Dubai

  1. Nari E2232
  2. GT-E2222
  3. Star Duos
  4. Ch@t 322 Wi-Fi
  5. Champ Duos
  6. Samsung B5722
  7. Samsung D980
  8. SGH-D880

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