Schools in Dubai

Schools in DubaiThere are number of schools located in different regions of Dubai providing primary and higher education, many with various ethnic and linguistic groups as primary focus.  There is annual ranking system developed by KHDA – Knowledge and Human Development Authority (educational quality assurance authority set by Ministry of education) that ranks the school on the basis of type, level and quality of education provided by the school. In order to make a decision on which school will be better, it is always recommended to view the KHDA rating/ranking of the school.

Top Curriculum taught in Dubai Schools are

  1. UK
  2. CBSE / Indian
  3. IB / International Baccalaureate
  4. US
  5. French
  6. MOE (Ministry of Education) Curriculum
  7. Pakistani

Types of Schools in Dubai:

Public Schools in Dubai:

Public Schools are owned and supported / managed by Government of UAE and Dubai. Education for Emiratis (UAE Locals) is free and is compulsory for both sexes from age 5 till 15. The primary medium of public schools in Dubai is Arabic with English as secondary language. Islamic Studies is also mandatory for all the students. Public schools completely reflect the values of the Arabic culture and does not provide co-educational ecosystem for students.

As of 2010-2011, there are 15 Public Schools in Dubai. The list of public schools in Dubai is as follows.

  1. Al Arqam Private School
  2. Al Basateen Kindergarten, Al Khawaneej
  3. Al Rashid Al Saleh Private School
  4. Al Shorouq Private School
  5. Al Thuraya Private School
  6. Dubai Modern Education School
  7. Dubai Police Children Kindergarten, Bur Dubai
  8. Dubai Police Kindergarten, Deira Branch
  9. International Academic School
  10. Islamic School for Education and Training
  11. National Charity School
  12. New World Private School
  13. Al Basateen KG Hatta
  14. Al Falah Model Private School
  15. Al Hesn Private School

Private Schools in Dubai

List of Private Schools in Dubai

As of 2011, there are more than 150 private schools in Dubai which vary in curriculum (mentioned above).

As per MOE policy primary education is compulsory in order to be eligible for further studies. Most of the schools provide primary and secondary education under the same roof.

List of Schools in Dubai:

The below provides the list of schools in Dubai and UAE along with their contact details. This school list is taken from KHDA website and is as follows.

  1. Al Sadiq Islamic English School
  2. GEMS Wellington Primary School
    1. Tel: +971 4 343 3266
    2. Horizon (English) School
    3. Nibras International School
    4. Queen International School
    5. The City School International
    6. The English College, Dubai
    7. The Kindergarten Starters
    8. Cambridge International School
    9. Dubai Scholars Private School
    10. School Of Modern Skills
    11. The Sheffield Private School
    12. Our Own High School, Dubai
      1. Contact: + 971 (0)4 3374112
      2. The Westminster School
        1. Contact: +97142988333
        2. Delhi Private School Dubai
        3. Dubai Modern High School
        4. Rajagiri International School
        5. Al Khaleej National School
        6. Al Salam Private School
        7. Dubai British School
        8. Dubai English Speaking College
        9. GEMS Royal Dubai School
        10. International School of Arts and Sciences
        11. Jumeirah English Speaking School
        12. Philadelphia Private School
        13. New Indian Model School
        14. The Central School
        15. Al Mawakeb School – Al Garhoud
        16. Al Safa Private School
        17. Bradenton Preparatory Academy
        18. Dubai English Speaking School
        19. Jumeirah English Speaking School – Arabian Ranches
        20. New Arab Unity School
        21. Star International School – Al Twar
        22. St. Mary’s Catholic High School
        23. The Phillippine School
        24. The Universal American School
        25. Gulf Model School
        26. The Elite English School
        27. Al Eman Private School
        28. Al Ittihad Private School-Jumeirah
        29. Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha
        30. American International School
        31. Deira Private School
        32. Al Worood Academy
        33. Dubai American Academy
        34. Dubai College
        35. GEMS Jumeriah Primary School
        36. Kings Dubai
        37. Our Own Indian School
        38. Our Own English High School, Dubai
        39. Gulf Indian High School
        40. The Indian High School – Branch
        41. Emirates English Speaking School
        42. The Indian High School
        43. Al Basateen Kindergarten, Al Khawaneej
        44. The Private Religious Institute
        45. Al Ittihad Private school-Mamzar
        46. Al-Mizhar American Academy Private School for Girls
        47. International Academic School
        48. Islamic School for Education and Training
        49. Jebel Ali Primary and Branch school
        50. New Academy School
        51. Raffles International School – South Campus
        52. Crescent English School
        53. The Millennium School
        54. His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School
        55. JSS International School
        56. Dubai Gem Private School
        57. The Oxford School
        58. GEMS Wellington International School
        59. German International School
        60. Pristine Private School
        61. Raffles International School(West Campus)
        62. Russian Private School
        63. Uptown school
        64. Mirdif Private School
        65. Apple International School 2011
        66. Ahmad Bin Sulaim Primary School – Boys
        67. Asma Bint Al Numan High School
        68. Al Aweer Primary School – Girls
        69. Al Raya High School
        70. Al Saadah Primary School – Girls – Cycle 1
        71. Al Sufouh High School – Girls – Cycle 3
        72. Khadija Bint Khuwailed Primary School – Girls
        73. Salma Al Ansaria Primary School – Girls
        74. Al Thuraya Private School
        75. Hamdan Bin Rashid High School
        76. Al Ebdaa Model School – Girls – Cycle 1 & 2
        77. Amna Bint Wahab High School
        78. Al Qeyam Model School – Boys – Cycle 1
        79. Al Wasl Primary School – Girls – Cycle 2
        80. Al Khansaa Primary School – Girls – Cycle 2
        81. Anisah Al Ansariah Primary – Girls – Cycle 1
        82. Dubai International School, Al Quoz
        83. Latifa Bint Hamdan School – Girls – Cycle 2
        84. Al Shorouq Private School
        85. Sarah Primary School – Girls – Cycle 1
        86. Al Athbah Primary School – Girls

87.    Al Thuraya Private School
88.    Hamdan Bin Rashid High School
89.    Al Ebdaa Model School – Girls – Cycle 1 & 2
90.    Amna Bint Wahab High School
91.    Al Qeyam Model School – Boys – Cycle 1
92.    Al Wasl Primary School – Girls – Cycle 2
93.    Al Khansaa Primary School – Girls – Cycle 2
94.    Anisah Al Ansariah Primary – Girls – Cycle 1
95.    Dubai International School, Al Quoz
96.    Latifa Bint Hamdan School – Girls – Cycle 2
97.    Al Shorouq Private School
98.    Sarah Primary School – Girls – Cycle 1
99.    Al Athbah Primary School – Girls
100.    Al Maaref Private School
101.    Al Shafie Primary School – Boys
102.    Al Wahidah High School – Boys
103.    Mariyah Al Qubtiyah High School – Girls
104.    Jumeirah Model School – Girls
105.    Mohammed Bin Rashid High School – Boys
106.    Otbah Bin Azwaan Primary School – Boys
107.    The Religious Institute – Boys
108.    Uptown High School
109.    Al Khulood Kindergarten
110.    Al Lesaili School – Girls
111.    The Private Religious Institute
112.    Al Nahda Primary School – Girls
113.    Al Razi Primary School – Boys
114.    Dubai International Academy
115.    Hessa Bint Al Mer Primary School – Girls
116.    Abu Hanifa Boys Primary School
117.    Al Dhahrah School
118.    Al Edrisi Primary School
119.    Al Kuwait Primary School
120.    Emirates International School – Meadows
121.    Greenwood International School
122.    Nad Al Hamar School
123.    National Charity School – Morning
124.    Ahmed Bin Rashid Primary School
125.    Al Nokhbah Model School
126.    Al Saeedeya Primary School
127.    National Charity School – Evenig
128.    Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School
129.    Rashid Bin Saeed School
130.    Sakina Bint Al Hussain School
131.    Um Suqaim Primary School
132.    Zayed Bin Sultan Primary School
133.    Al Ahmadeyah Primary School
134.    Al Maaref High School
135.    Al Mizhar Primary School
136.    Dubai Modern Education School
137.    Emirates International School – Jumeirah
138.    Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain Girls School
139.    Hind Bint Maktoum School
140.    Qurtobah Primary School
141.    Sultan Al Owais Primary School
142.    The School of Research Science
143.    Zabeel High School
144.    Al Fardoos Kindergarten
145.    Al Rabeea Kindergarten
146.    Al Bara’ah KindergartenBranch
147.    Al Anwar Kindergarten
148.    Al Alfeyah Primary School – Girls
149.    Al Rashid Al Saleh Private School
150.    Al Safa High School – Boys
151.    Al Salam School for Secondary & Elementary Education – Girls
152.    Dubai National School – Al Barsha
153.    Greenfield Community School
154.    New World Private School
155.    Al Arqam Private School
156.    Al Hekmah Kindergarten
157.    Al Shurooq Kindergarten
158.    Al Manhal Kindergarten
159.    Al Maktoum Boys School – Boys – Cycle 2
160.    Al Waha Girls Primary and High School
161.    Deira International School
162.    Dubai High School – Boys
163.    Repton School Dubai
164.    Al Aqsaa Primary School, Boys – Cycle 1
165.    Al Fadeelah Kindergarten
166.    Childhood Development Center (KG)
167.    Al Huda Kindergarten
168.    Dubai Police Children Kindergarten, Bur Dubai
169.    Dubai Police Kindergarten, Deira Branch
170.    Al Hudaibiah School – Girls – Cycle 1
171.    Al Jahidh School – Boys – Cycle 1 & 2
172.    Al Khulafaa Al Rashideen – Boys – Cycle 1
173.    Al Thani Min December Primary School – Girls
174.    Ghurnatah Primary School – Girls
175.    Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé
176.    Lycée Francais International
177.    Al Diyafah High School
178.    American School of Dubai
179.    Arab Unity School
180.    Dubai Carmel School
181.    Regent International School
182.    Star International School – Mirdif
183.    Lycée Georges Pompidou High School
184.    Al Ameen Private School
185.    Dar Al Marefa Private School
186.    Dubai National School, Al Twar
187.    GEMS Winchester School
188.    Lycee Georges Pompidou Primary School
189.    Star International School – Umm Al Sheif
190.    United International Private School
191.    International School of Choueifat-Dubai
a.    Contact: +97143999444

192.    GEMS World Academy
193.    Japanese School in Dubai
a.    Contact: +97143449119

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