Perspective Art Exhibition

Watch What EmiratesNBD did to inspire everyone of us, it is AMAZING!

Emirates NBD called up art lovers in the UAE to a very rare Art exhibit called “Perspectives” showcasing only curated work made by up and coming specialists. They also directed a live closeout in conjunction with Auction House, where supporters could possess those centerpieces. We then provided for them the chance to meet the gifted specialists. Also the amazement […]

Traffic JAM as it starts raining MONEY

UPDATE : This is kuwait and not Dubai, Dailymail needs to correct its factual data… grr. DailyMail should apologize for this Emirates247 Article: Though this information is not confirmed yet from local news such as of Gulf news and Emirates247  but dailymail posted a video today stating about 2.8 million AED (half a million GBP) […]