Canon EOS 7D in Dubai and UAE

Canon EOS 7D in Dubai and UAE

Canon EOS 7D is one of the high range Digital SLR camera launched in Dubai and UAE  few months back. The camera has amazing features and considers to be semi pro camera.  The response rate and internal processing is really good and fast. EOD 7D available in Dubai and UAE can record videos of cinema video caliber, some of the features of camera along with price is as follows

Canon EOS 7D Reviews | Dubai and UAE:

  1. 18 mega pixel camera
  2. ISO: 100 to 6400
  3. 8 frames / sec continuous shoot
  4. HD Video recording option available
  5. Powerful Digtal processing
  6. Customizable viewfinder with technology enhanced smart face detector
  7. Due to high ISO level, it can be used to take snaps in night time without using the flash
  8. EOS 7D uses latest technology called iFCL
  9. Beautiful and strong camera body

Canon EOS 7D Reviews - Dubai and UAE

Canon EOS 7D | Price in Dubai and UAE:

The cost / price for Canon EOS 7D varies from accessories and promotion it becomes available at. The below price was measured during July 2012 and will change with time.

Canon EOS 7D - Price in Dubai-UAE

Price for Canon EOS 7D UAE / Dubai: approx 8000 AED

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