Dubai Movies Cinema 2015

New Movies Releasing this weekend, Thursday 19th April 2018

#1: Rampage

Plot: Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry …

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Will Yun Lee, Malin Akerman

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

#2: Truth or Dare

Plot: A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone or something begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.

Cast: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey and Violett Beane

Genre: Horror

#3: The Titan

Plot: A military family takes part in a ground-breaking experiment of genetic evolution and space exploration.

Cast: Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling and Tom Wilkinson

Genre: Thriller

#4: Masha and The Bear

Plot: Once upon a time, a little girl named Masha, befriends a Bear, a former circus performer who now enjoys a nice quiet life. Masha finds herself in all kinds of adventures that cause havoc in the Bear?s otherwise peaceful and uneventful existence. We meet many other characters along the way: there are the curious Squirrels, the always hungry Wolves, the cunning Hare, the Hedgehogs, the mysterious Female Bear, even the Panda and the Tiger and many others. Their friendship reflects the relationship of a child and an adult who tries to explain the world to a young and growing mind.

Cast: Angelica Keamy and Boris Kutnevich

Genre: Animation

#5: Unsane

Plot: A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear – but is it real or is it a product of her delusion?

Cast: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah

Genre: Thriller

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