Dubai Movies Cinema 2015

New Movies Releasing this weekend, Thursday 5th January 2017

#1: The Great Wall

Plot: A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Cast: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Tian Jing

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

#2: Snow White’s New Adventure

Plot: Searching for her missing father, a young girl discovers Snow White and the Dwarfs’ hidden cottage. Her newfound friends help her follow the clues to her dad’s whereabouts, but will their …

Cast: Linatopi Dorian, Riley Jackson, Sidney H. Jackson, John Malone

Genre: Animation

#3: Ozzy: Fast & Furry


Cast: Guillermo Romero, Dani Rovira, José Mota, Michelle Jenner

Genre: Animation

#4: Friend Request

Plot: When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl online, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends.

Cast: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan

Genre: Thriller

#5: Level Up


Cast: Josh Bowman, Neil Maskell, William Houston, Kulvinder Ghir

Genre: Thriller

Trailer Not Available

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