Al Bastakiya – Old Town Dubai

Located in Bur Dubai overlooking the Dubai Creek, Al Bastakiya takes you back to the true essence and the cultural exquisiteness of the region. Originally built in the late 19th century, the old town was once home to the Iranian merchants who visited the country.

The buildings carry rich cultural flavor with artistic design and architecture that enable its visitors to witness the stark difference between the old and new Dubai. The houses were initially made of limestone, corals, mud and plaster. The recent renovation carried out by the Dubai Municipality have ensured to take special care in preserving the century old architecture and the houses are now reformed into historical galleries and cafés.

With its winding cobblestone pathways, the large wind towers and art galleries carrying historical relics are a great way to escape the modernized world. The museum located within Al Fahidi Fort is the largest museum in Dubai representing the history and evolution of the small fishing city.

The Majlis and the cultural center are great additions to the district as it helps to symbolize the mixture of Persian culture with Arabian traditions. The art galleries carry a large collection of Persian and Local art forms and traditional restaurant are abundantly available along with the XVA hotel, which is an idyllic representation of a restored Persian house.

Some notable events / restaurants in Bastakiya are as follows.

Bastakiya Art Fair
Bastakiya Art Fair (BAF) 2011 : 15th to 21st March 2011 (annual)
Visit website to know more about Bastakiya Art Fair 2011:

Majlis Gallery
Majlis Gallery Timing: Saturday – Thursday 10am – 6pm (Friday closed)
Contact (Telephone number): +971 (0) 4353 6233
Visit Majlis Gallery website to know more details:

Bastakiya Cafe & Restaurant
Location: Arabian Courtyard Hotel (Bur Dubai)
Contact (Telephone number): 04 351 9111
Opening Hours: 7am – 12am daily

Al Bastakiya Location Map : al bastakiya location map

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