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Five Guys

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Yes, Yes Five Guys is here in Dubai. For those who are not familiar with the this restaurant, here is the bit that you should read.

Five Guys is a US Burgers and Fries joint which offers delicious handcrafted burgers, fries, hot dogs. They are also located in UK and Canada. Last week Five guys opened up its door in Dubai Mall and since then it has stormed the dubai localities to visit this place every single day. Seems like this is going to be the best burger joint in town or at least the best in Dubai Mall. Though they are opened in Dubai mall but the plan is to expand soon so keep you fingers crossed if you live in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai Marina.

Some of the information that you want to know is mentioned below

Five guys Dubai Location:

Currently they are located in Dubai Mall which means that they follow the same timings as that of Dubai Mall which is till 12ish every day and 1ish on weekends

Five Guys Dubai Jobs / Careers

Well this is the good one, they are currently posting the jobs on and linkedin. However, the main company behind Five Guys is RISE LLC, you can follow them over  linkedIn profile for Five Guys Dubai or send your resumes to ”​” with the subject of whatever job titles you are interested in getting hired

Five Guys Dubai Contact:

Telephone number: +971 4 321 7175


Zomato Reviews: 4 stars (

Five Guys Dubai Menu and Prices:

Well the menu does not look that expensive compared what we got on jumeirah road. Regular Five Guys Cheeseburger for 40 Dhs ain’t that bad we suppose.

Five Guys Dubai Menu

Price Menu for Five Guys

So guys do check this out and let us know what you think of this awesome burger restaurant. We are leaving you with the viral review of Five guys, don’t forget to like and share this post if you enjoy the info



World’s Largest and Coolest Graffiti is now in DUBAI

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

To complement the 43rd national day of UAE, peeps in Dubai came up a new idea, this time its not a biggest building and not luxury sports police cars but Graffiti art which is largest in the world – this awesome piece of art is now officially part of Guinness World Record. The graffiti tells the tale of development of UAE in one scroll – a must checkout if you are based in Dubai.

Dubai graffiti pictures:

Dubai Graffiti Video (byMyDubai MyCity)


The Comicave – WORLD’S LARGEST STORE now opens in Dubai

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

For all the comic and sci-fi lovers, this is a dream come true.  The Comicave – The world’s largest comic store, hosts a large collection of classic comics and action figure models of major comic heroes.You can find a series of marvel comic characters and some really sleek sci-fi movie memorabilia / stuff like that from the Starwars movie.

If you guys don’t believe me then have a look at the pictures and videos below. We’re also adding a map of the Outlet Mall (a space far, far away from the center of the town).




The Comicave Dubai – Pictures


Dubai’s expansion since the 1980’s to 2012 via Google Earth Engine

Friday, October 24th, 2014

This will blow your mind, thanks to Google Earth Engine -a big data geographic tool that keeps track of geographic changes over the period of time has recently published the data for development in Dubai over the last 3 decades. The RESULTS ARE MIND BLOWING. Incredibile developments such as Palm Jumeirah / Palm Deira to The wolrd islands in such a short span of time is just crazy. Kudos to HH Sheikh Mohammad and his amazing team who spent a day n night in getting Dubai to be one of the most fast grown city in the world.



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8 MILLION sq feet Shopping Mall – Dubai launches MALL OF THE WORLD

Monday, July 7th, 2014

After a long wait Dubai launched a new project which aims to create the biggest commercial development this world has ever seen.  The new Mall of the World concept was launched on 6th July 2014, the rendering is just WOW. The quick facts about Mall of the World are

  • It will be located in the center of the city on Sheikh Zayed Road
  • It is also referred as city-within-a-city due to its massive land – 8 million sq feet
  • It will be the first temperature-controlled (pedestrian) city
  • It will also include 100 luxury hotels with approx of 20,000 hotel apartments
  • Host for largest indoor theme park in the world
  • It will have dedicated “Wellness District” – catering to medical tourists in a 3 million sq. feet area