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Nikon D90 dubaiD90 is one of the famous Digital SLR cameras by Nikon. The product was first introduced in North American market in early 2009 and created a big hype within one year among SLR users and Nikon fans. There are many noticeable features in Nikon D90 which makes it unique and preferable choice for both intermediate and beginner digital photographers. Some of the features of Nikon D90 Dubai are

  1. Nikon D90 Lens: 12 Mega pixels
  2. D90 supports HD Movie / Video Recording
  3. Broad range for ISO settings available (200 – 3,200)
  4. GPS tagging feature available
  5. Precise auto focus technology
  6. Built-in image sensor cleaning option available

Nikon D90 weighs only 7 pounds which makes the photographer grasps over camera more firm resulting in good pictures. The camera also comes with a stand and basic lens kit if purchased from recognizable outlets in Dubai. There will be lots of promotions for Nikon Cameras especially for DSLR cameras during Gitex Shoppers, so if you are making your mind to purchase any of the series products of Nikon DSLR in Dubai so wait till September 2011.

D90 dubai reviews

Nikon D90 Dubai Price:

D90 dubai priceThe price for Nikon D90 in Dubai varies from outlet to outlet. The camera is also available as used also but always keep in mind the fact of “Clicking Count” while purchasing DSLR camera as every DSLR camera have a motor that needs to be replaced after certain count.  Pricelist of Nikon D90 in Dubai is as follows.

  1. AED 6,000 (Nikon D90 price of early 2009 – 2010)
  2. AED 4,000 (Price of Nikon d90 Dubai in major outlets in Dubai and Dubai duty free)
  3. AED 4,500 (Price of Nikon d90 available in Dubai with extra kit included having: 18-105 VR lens + GB Card + TRIPOD + Nikon Bag)
  4. AED 5,000 (price of Nikon D90 in Carrefour Dubai – updated as of August 2011)

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4 Responses to “Nikon D90 Dubai”

  1. mustafa altınışık says:

    selamün aleyküm
    I AM Ä°N TURKÄ°YE city..konyanikon d90 18-105mm kit have much dolar (usa)
    orjinal nikon
    made in…????
    tahenk you..

  2. Ashenafi says:

    am in Ethiopia, I want to buy D90 nikon. So how can I get it? Can I get used?

  3. Ding says:

    I have d90 for sale ofcourse slightly used and very looking good no scratch… Just message me in my mail…

  4. kalidasan.D says:

    Nikon D90 still camera price and Sony 1500 video camera price’ massage from my mail.