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Christie’s Auction and Private Sales in Dubai

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Sometimes it’s not adequate to carry the time on your wrist.  If you live in Dubai or even in Abu Dhabi then you really, really want others to know you are Rich! That’s where Christie’s comes in to the picture. The prestigious auction house normally auctions unique and luxury art items and wearable’s such as watches, both old style and modern ones.  Some of the price of items available at the Christies ranges from 5000 AED to 300,000 AED.

As per their official sources, Christie’s has sold valuable art items (more…)

Selfies on one of the tallest towers in Dubai Marina

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Lets just admit it that we all love taking selfies, however what nineteen-year-old Russian photographer ‘Alexander Remnev’ just did is exactly what others only dream to i.e: TAKING SELFIES ON THE TALLEST SKYSCRAPPERS IN THE WORLD.
The Selfies were taken during his holiday trip in Dubai with his pals. As per reports, they climbed every tower on their own and then pulled out the camera to take the snaps. The most notable building was tallest residential building in the world - Princess Tower which is approx 1,350 feet/
words less, enjoy the lovely snaps and dont forget to share if you like them.






More of the awesome pics can be found @ his 500px profile :



Top 5 books you SHOULD READ if you live in Dubai!!!

Monday, May 19th, 2014

After investing number of hours across the span of weeks has come up with top 5 books that you should read in your spare time while residing in Dubai. If you believe that we have missed some books then do not hesitate to comment on this article or on our Facebook page.


The book written by UAE prime minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed talks about UAE development journey and what the system has learnt on the course of boom in Dubai. The book throws light on the near future vision of Dubai and how it is trying its best to excel in all major sectors such as of tourism, construction and becoming regional economic hub.

Price: 70 AED
Available on all the major book stores including Motivate publishing online website and Magrudys.

2: Dubai Mini Map:

02-DubaiMaps-sheetTraveling to Dubai or newly located in Dubai then this is for you, most of the people have theory that Dubai is a small place and can be covered in less then a day. This is completely wrong, we recommend to have this single sheet map of Dubai and trust us you wont regret buying it.

Publisher:  Explorer publishing
price: 20 AED
Available on all major supermarkets and book shops (more…)

What happens when you record Dubai skyscrapers with Quadcopter ? – Answer: AWESOME Happens!!!

Friday, May 16th, 2014

One of the rising names in the drone / FPV trends is “Team BlackSheep”. They have recently released a video of Dubai they captured with Quadcopters hooked up with their customized equipment. They have covered almost all the skyscrapers in Dubai however worth mentioning is Dubai’s tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa.  It would have been more insane if they could have added another battery pack to give enough boosts to its quadcopter motors to hit the top but it is still worth a watch.

Some of the Dubai landmarks covered with Quadcopter are Burj Al Arab, Downtown Dubai, The Palm Island and Burj Khalifa.


The video inspires you and you want to be an aerial videographer as well then I must suggest that you check out their shop link @ . Also, if you have such cool aerial footage of Dubai and would like us to share then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at our google plus or facebook page.

WATCH South African Cricket Star Dale Steyn – Skydiving in DUBAI!

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

IPL’s CSK top class bowler Dale Steyn enjoying his first EVER skydive in Dubai – UAE.  Seems like this South African guy is hooked on to Dubai addiction and we wont be shocked to see him in Dubai Marina enjoying his IPL break!!!