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Badass video in 1986, dubai ads will be like …

Monday, August 31st, 2015

“Back in dubai” – a song used in advertisement by Dubai Chess Club for Promotional video of 27th World Chess Olympiad 1986 is so catchy that it will make you put this song in high volume on repeat in your LUXURY uber car.

Ah Dubai, those were the days when people used to fly to Dubai to see World Trade Centre

Dell Inspiron i7 5th Generation (5558)

Monday, August 31st, 2015

One of the latest additions in Dubai Tech stores is this inspiron laptop with i7 5th generation processor by Dell from series 5000. Also one of the reason why i am writing this post is due to the fact that i recently purchased this laptop and totally in love with it. The specs are just too good to be true. The quality is of the keyboard is really amazing. Some of the important features of Dell inspiron 5558 are as follows

  • Processor: i7 (5th generation) also available in i5 and i3 but we prefer that you purchase the i7 one
  • Ram: 8GB (16 GB also available)
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 which can be upgraded to windows 10
  • Screen: 15.6 inch – resolution 11366 x 768

The RAM have 4 slots which means default 8GB can be upgraded to 16GB if required. Since i7 has the latest technology you will get cool stuff that is available in every intel 5th generation processors such as Virtualization as well intel WiDi (which makes sharing vidoes over HDTV breeze)

Dell 5558 price:

The price of this laptop varies from store to store. As of August 2015, the best price available for this laptop is in Carrefour which is 2899 AED along with entertainer voucher. However, the price of 5558 (Black or white) in stores such as Emax or Jumbo is 3299 AED. With this price you might end up getting freebies