Burj Khalifa Satellite View

HD video from space of the Burj Khalifa – THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

One of our Facebook fan has posted this to our fan page and to be honest we are very amazed with the awesome capture of this video. The video is recorded in HD by Satellite SkySat-1 on April 9, 2014. In addition to shadow of burj khalifa, notice the aircraft flying / passing from the […]

Hamdan at Top of Burj Khalifa Supermoon in the background

Dubai Crown Prince on top of Burj Khalifa with Super Moon Goes VIRAL

One of the latest videos by HH Sheikh Hamdan’s on instagram just went viral and earned him as of now roughly  80 K likes and over 3,200 comments. if you are not following Fazza on Instagram then its time you should!.  All you have to do is to follow him @ http://instagram.com/faz3 The video shows timelapse of Sheikh Hamdan on top […]